Jul 21, 2014

What I wore: Roundup 3

 1) Dress - Suzy Shier. Belt - Modcloth. Shoes - Payless. 2) Dress - H&M. Belt - Modcloth. Flats - Ardene.
3) Shirt/Dress? - Katie. Belt - Modcloth. Jeans - Old Navy. Sandals - old. 4) Dress - Thrifted. Belt - from a skirt. Cardigan - Urban Planet. Shoes - Payless.

Here's another little round up of outfits from my Instagram account. It looks like I need to get some more belts to change things up. I just keep wearing the same ones over and over... That pink dress is one of those dresses I really like but I always forget about it for some reason. This is the first time wearing it this year. And that minty dress is actually too big for me but I keep wearing it anyways. Such a good find.

And as you can see I've touched my hair a bit too. Mixed in a bunch of blues and greens. I think around September (when I'll probably need to touch up my hair) I'm going to try orange or pink. :]

Jul 11, 2014

Birthday Sale!

This weekend (July 13th) is my birthday and since I'll be celebrating all weekend, I thought I'd share the love by having a little sale in my etsy shop. So starting right now, (and going until Monday) you can get 26% off everything and anything in my shop with the code; HAPPYBDAY.

Please feel free to share this code with anyone and everyone! Colourful prints for all!!

Jul 8, 2014

Tribal Munny

Four months later and I finally finished my Tribal Munny. Wow, that took longer than I thought it would. Admittedly I wasn't always working on it. I know a bunch of weekends I was off doing other things. Anyways. Look, it's finished now and look how colourful it is! Obviously my favourite part is the head. I put the most work into it.
After I realized I was finished, I had mixed feelings. On one hand I was thinking; 'That took forever. I'll never paint another Munny again.' and on the other I was thinking; 'I can't wait to start another one!' Right now I don't have any more blank vinyls so I'll be focusing my weekends and days off on sewing hair bows and neck ties for conventions that are happening this summer.
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