Aug 25, 2014

Random Fisheye Shots

It's been a while since I've posted any film photos on here. I've had this roll sitting around for a while and finally just had it developed. It was full of pictures of Justin, myself and Cap on different walks. A few winter shots but mostly ones from earlier this year... I think.
Back when Justin had blue hair for a couple of months and I thought it was so cute. but then he got bored of it and shaved it all off, haha. I hate when he shaves his head!
This ones back when I just started dying my hair purple. This is me with messy hair and no make up.
One more of me! This one turned out nice. Must have been from just a few months ago. My hair was still blue plus its just a little shorter in this picture.

Looking back at my film photos tag, I've noticed I use this camera a lot! I guess it's my favourite toy camera. :]

Aug 20, 2014

Super Summer Comic Con + a vlog!?

We're back from our short trip to Windsor for the Super Summer Comic Con. And we had a lot of fun! Not only was it a visit back to Windsor where Justin's family lives but the con itself was held in our old college. So it was nice seeing the school again and some familiar faces. Also we met some current students from our program. Cool!
I did something a little different this time around... I vlogged. I made a vlog. I did a vlog. Yep... Obviously it's not super great but I wanted to try it out because I like the idea of video diaries. Too bad I find it a bit weird to talk to a camera in a crowd of people, so I didn't do too much talking. But I think my favourite part is the end with the costume contest. So, you should watch the video below and let me know what you think. Also give me tips!? I think I may do something like this for Fan Expo too maybe...

What would you guys want to see if I did do a vlog during Fan Expo? Any questions? Have you been to a convention?

Aug 16, 2014

New things I made

Whoa I haven't made a post on my blog since that start of the month! I promise, I have not forgotten about my little blog here. It's just been sort of busy here. Some late nights at work... some late nights at home sewing... you know the usual. Not much as been going on with me, and that means no new posts. But I did just finish a bunch of new stuff! (to be sold at conventions.) So why not show those off?
These are the newest hair bows I've made. (These aren't all the bows, just a few from each pile) I am in love with the yellow Simpsons fabric. I may have to get more for myself. Maybe make a skirt or something.
These are super new! I made some headbands. You know, the ones that you wrap around your hair sometimes? But mine don't have wires in them. (Never was a fan of them but If these do well/people ask for wired headbands I will make them) I have no clue how these will do. I'm still trying to figure out how to display them on the table so people know what they are.
And lastly, I made a couple of neck ties. Neck ties are hard to make. They take a lot of fabric and a lot of time. I've always wanted to try making them and I've been told a few times that I should sell them. So this is the year to try! I wonder if I'll sell any, and if I do... which one will be my first neck tie sale? Justin thinks these will do well, for some reason.
If you're reading this now, we're already on our way to the little convention in Windsor. It's the first summer one there at our old college (where Justin and I met) So I don't expect it to be super busy but it'll be nice to see some old faces. Wish us luck! :]
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