May 29, 2009

So Cool

Keepin' it simple.

May 24, 2009

Girl + Monsters

Some of my favourite monster-like doodles. Didn't feel like going into great detail with these so I kept the rough lines and just added some basic colour to them.
My favourite one is the orange guy!

May 23, 2009


I think I drew this after I watched Repo man (The Genetic Rock Opera).

May 12, 2009

More coloured stuff!

I really like how the pirate girl turned out.

May 9, 2009

Mini sketch dump...

Since I've been home I've only been doing little late night doodles. Hoping to do some paintings soon.

"I need some poooon!"

Hah, I like this one alot. I think I'll try doing some more lipsyncs.

Squirrel rig from;
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