Jun 27, 2010


So I joined Redbubble a while ago (Lets you sell/buy t-shits, hoodies and stickers) but I forgot all about it and after some time I re-discovered it and updated it. Well a few days ago I sold my first T-shirt! (Of the skull couple) Not a huge profit since the site does all the work but it felt good. I just wish I knew who bought the shirt...
Anyways I decided to join
Zazzle too. For now all i have up are some buttons, (arn't they cool?) But zazzle has so many options. (They let you sell/buy; cups, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, skateboards, stickers, magnets, keychains...etc!) I hope after a few days I'll have up some fun stuff like; magnets, stickers and keychains in my Zazzle store.
...So If you're the kinda person that likes buttons...*cough cough*


  1. i want the skull couple button!!!

  2. samesies. i was thinking once i get a job, start makin money id buy some of my own stuff lol.


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