Jul 29, 2010

Fan Page Stuff

...Oh boy. So I've noticed a lot of artists/bands etc. have made 'Fan Pages' on Facebook and It seems like a good idea to me, (since I prefer to keep my actual Facebook account for friends and family.) because I know not everyone is going to have a blog and be able to follow me. So I made one. Yep, I made my own Fan Page for anyone that goes on Facebook a lot, like i do. I used my username and real name because I use both a lot. This way If you're looking for me on Facebook you can type 'weirdklown' or 'Angel Szafranko' and you should get my Fan Page. This way you'll get quick and direct updates on; new items in my store, new blog posts and more!


  1. welcome for being featured on my blog

  2. aaaaa!!
    i love u blog so much!!!

    follow me back


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