Mar 3, 2011

Flower Shop Designs

Yay a new category, Freelance!
A few months ago I started doing some freelance work. My first job was for a guy starting out his own flower shop. He wanted me to design a card, website logo, flower animation for the website and a window design for him. Well I got as far as the card and window designs before I realized he wasn't going to pay me at all. And when I started asking when he was going to pay me (which was super cheap) he kept 'forgetting' and saying he'll have the money for me next week... Well after about week or two of bothering him he stopped responding to my emails and taking my calls...

Anyways, bad experience aside, here are the designs. He wanted everything to be very simple and clean. I have some actual copies of the cards because he made them a few days after I gave him the final design. I don't think the window designs (the first two pictures) were ever used though. Expect more freelance work postings soon.

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