Apr 11, 2011


So here is our new puppy, Captain! I found him online and when I was talking to the lady via email, she told me he was pure Husky. But we think he is actually a Husky German Shepherd mix. Plus when we got him he was kinda skinny and had worms. :O
Anyways hes getting better now, we think the worms are completely gone and he looks healthier now too. This will be his 3rd week with us, which makes him almost 4 months old. These pictures are from 2 weeks ago, when we first got him. The 4th picture is the very first picture I took of him. Isn't he sooo cute!?


  1. One of my dogs is called captain, never saw another dog called captain before!

  2. Really? thats so cool.
    Did you name him after someone/something? cause I just like the name, but my boyfriend says hes named after Capatin America. lol


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