Apr 27, 2011

My Easter Weekend

Hope your Easter weekend was a good one!
I go back home for Easter, we don't eat meat on Friday and Saturday. We also make a basket and get it blessed on Sat morning and then eat whatevers in the basket Sun morning after church.

My parents only have brown eggs so they didn't come out so bright and colourful like they usually would.

Those two pink ones were my favourite ones. The red one is a wooden one we have.

This is a shot of what we have to eat for Sun morning. I forgot to take a picture of the basket...
So in the basket, for each person in the family we put; an egg, a piece of sausage (usually kielbasa), some bread, some salt (which my mom puts in a tissue), and a chocolate egg.
Other things I've seen in baskets; a lot of chocolate, salt and pepper shakers, muffins, and donuts.

And this last shot is inside my church of some of the baskets getting ready to be blessed.
Usually there is a lot more baskets but we picked the earliest time to go.

And that is what I do for Easter. Do you have any traditions?

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  1. WOW! What a great idea with the elastic bands! Dying eggs is something I've never done, but it looks so fun!


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