Apr 29, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Here are some things I found while thrifting over Easter weekend back home...

This cute deer figure. Pretty sure its for plants because theres a hole in the back of it. So Im going to repaint it and plant something cool in it! :D

I also found some neat cameras. I thought they both worked but only the Capital one does. Which sucks cause the smaller one is so cute. Right now I have a test roll in Capital. Hopefully it works out. If it does Im planning on using it for destroyed film.
Have a good weekend, I'll be moving into my new apartment. :]


  1. cute deer! that would make a cute planter. show the results when you do!

  2. Ah thrift finds! I have an obsession with going to Goodwill and looking for figurines I would like. (usually Japan-like ones) My collection is getting kind of huge...my boyfriend calls me a hoarder but I don't collect things indiscriminately so that can not be so. Haha. Cameras are a thing for me too...glad at least one of yours work!

  3. Shayla, figurines are so fun to collect though. My boyfriend thinks the things I find are ugly lol. but I keep getting them anyways.


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