May 10, 2011

Actionsampler Photos

This ones my favourite of cap. He looks so young and cute!<3
This was caps first walk with us.

A while ago I found an Actionsampler on sale at an Urban Outfitters, so I obviously had to get it. (Since it was one of the cameras on my list.) Its a really fun camera. After a few more rolls of film I may do a small review on it.
Theres more over on my flicker, if you're interested. :]


  1. very cool camera!
    love the first one with the puppy close ups!

  2. Hello action Angel!
    Thank you for finding me, and now I have found you!

    Your puppy looks very energetic and nice to cuddle with! :) Woof!

    Nice blog header too, I feel like I'm in candy space!


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