May 24, 2011

Old Photography

I thought It would be a good idea to share some of my old art and photography with you. You can find all these and more over on my Deviantart account.
Im going to start off with some old photography...
p.s. some of these will have watermarks on them.

This is Olivia. I used to babysit her.

This is one of my cousin's cats. I like this one more because he is nicer.

There used to be a Roller Rink in my hometown. (Used to be very popular when I was growing up.) One day when I came back for a visit from College, I noticed that it was being cleaned out for a new 'Bargain Bin' kind of store. Well inside I found hundreds of old dusty roller blades. I thought it would make a neat picture. I also took a pair home with me.

I found an old nest in my backyard one day and had a photoshoot day.

One of my personal favourites. I borrowed my Dads waterproof camera while we were at the beach one day. That day I learned how hard it is to take underwater pictures.

From one of my many walks around my hometown. Lots of small trails.

This one is from my last trip to Poland. We visited some family that lived on farms and they had some ducks and chicks just sitting in a box in their living room.

Another favourite. The flowers were taken while visiting my cousins in the States. And the house is my Grandma's, sister's house in Poland.

And this last one, was just fun to do. I actually want to do another one of these this summer.
These were things I found around my room. And maybe a few things from my brother's room too. That keychain says Pat....Im not Pat.

Anyways, I hope you found this a bit interested. Next week sometime, I'll show you some old artwork!


  1. I love these pictures! I especially love the picture where you have to find things. I would love to do something like that on my blog if that's okay with you. I don't want to take your awesome idea without permission. I would link to your blog in the post, of course. :)

    The picture with the flowers and the house is beautiful. The two pictures look perfect together.

  2. of course! Please send me the linky so I can check it out too.


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