Jun 1, 2011

Old Artwork

Time for the Artwork!
A lot of these were done while I was in high school. My Art Teachers liked to use a lot of gouache and pen and ink. So that ended up being what I used the most too. Now I do most of my work on the computer.
You can find these and more on Deviantart.

I think this was one of my first paintings I did with gouache. I think we had to do a winter theme...

I remember sketching this in my sketchbook one summer, through a thunderstorm while visiting the States. Finished with gouache.

I've always liked this one a lot. I like the eyelashes and face the most but I wish I did something different with the nose. It bugs me!
Also finished with gouache.

I think I was watching something by Tim Burton when I was sketching this one? Anyways this was also done in gouache.

This ones just pretty. :]
gouache too.

Just pen and ink.

And this! I am so proud of this. Right now its in my room at my Moms place. I remember I thought I would screw it up but I love how it turned out. Every time I see it I wanna go make another one but I never go and get fabric.
This was all handmade. Not even by a sewing machine. All done by my little hands.
p.s. sorry if you don't like clowns. I love clowns.


  1. lovely drawings, I really like the beaten up one :)

  2. love the band-aid zombie gurl! X//3'

  3. You are very very talented! Absolutely great stuff! Love your doll and I really like the girl with the sun hat.


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