Jul 19, 2011


So finally, here are some pictures from my trip. The first set of pictures will be from Poland since we visited there first.
We mostly stayed in a city called Elk, (Ełk) Which is where both my Grandparents live. (pretty much beside eachother!) We also went camping for a few days and visited Gdansk. (Gdańsk)

My family has asked me to not put up any pictures of them on the internet. So you won't see any touristy-family pictures here. but I might post some up later of just me. We will see...

Image heavy. On the serious.

Flying to Poland from Toronto. One of my favourite shots I took while on the four different planes we took while vacationing.
I even made a video, which I will post later.

I took this shot near the end of our trip. This is what it was like at both my Grandparents places. Sitting, relaxing, drinking tea and eating either fruits or cake. (usually cake.)

One of the first things we noticed when we got into Elk was the snails. They had so many!

See, I wasn't lying!

We ate a lot great meals. Both sides of my family wanted us over for lunch and dinner pretty much everyday. We were always full.
On one of our last days, my brother asked for pizza.

This is what Polish money looks like, well just the coins. Poland doesn't use euros, they have Zloty. (z-wot-eh)

This is pretty much a holy march around Elk. Look at all the people.
2 mins after this picture I got pooped on by a bird...

At my uncles house, he has a lot of plants and animals around.

Lots of tiny baby frogs everywhere too.

This was when we went to go visit around Gdansk for 5 days.

View from one of the tallest church towers in Gdansk. I think it was something like, 400 steps?!

These birds were trained to pick out a random card that told your fortune. Luckily the lady also had a special box with english fortunes for us.

This is one of the castles we visited. See the tower on the left side...

This is the view from the left tower from the picture above.

Visiting family. They had some pretty homes and barns in the area.

We also visited A LOT of churches. This church was HUGE. This is the church that had the really-tall-400-step-tower.

Is it weird that I really like visiting cemeteries? I especially like the ones in Poland. They are so big and colourful. They all have flowers or gardens planted inside them.

And here is a cute barn cat we met. He was shy at first but we won him over with chicken. :]

Obviously I will be visiting Poland again in the future since I have a lot of family there. Missing the grandparents and their love.

Still have to put up the videos of my Grandpa playing his accordion. <3

More pictures will be up over on flickr, probably by next month. Greece pictures will be up some time next week.


  1. It looks lovely, and great pics too.

  2. i love the picture with all the different kinds of snails!

  3. thanks guys,
    would you believe me if i told you there were even more snails! lol.

  4. I love Poland, we went to Krakow last year and I cant wait to go back and visit more places, we ate so much food there too!

  5. Hi I'm from Poland and I hope you enjoy my country. Is'n it beautiful :)
    and also there is so much polish people all around the world, for example your family.


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