Aug 2, 2011

Camera Wishlist

I thought it would be fun to maybe make a list of the photography things (cameras mostly) I wanted to get. Because this list is in random order, (Im too lazy) I just want to let you know that my Top-of-the-list are; The Diana Mini, The Juice Box Camera, The Fisheye and The Split-Cam.

So here is my list, in random order...

Underwater Digi Cam, I love taking underwater pictures, but I actually don't have a waterproof/underwater camera. What I do is borrow my Dads camera. So maybe not this summer, (cause It's almost over) but possibly next summer?...we'll see.

The Tokyo Dreamer Strap, I just think these are a good idea, and they look pretty too. Plus I have like, two cameras that really need straps.

Twin Lens Holga with Color Flash, the one thing that really caught my attention when I saw this camera was that it had a multi-exposure button! Im really interested in any camera(s) that make multi-exposure pictures easy. Plus look at that cute face!

DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit, Im actually not too interested in Pinhole Cameras right now, but the Sunprint Kit looks like it would be so much fun!

Split-Cam, I have been lusting over this camera for a looong time! Why? because its a camera made for of the multi-exposure!

Popeye Camera, this just looks like a fun little camera to have. The fact that each one has a slight imperfection is even better!

SuperHeadz Wide and Slim Cams, just looks like another fun camera to have. Comes in a lot of different colours, thats always awesome.

Motif Soft Digi Bag, these just look so cute. I want to get one for my friend too.

Revolog Custom 35mm Films, when I first found Four Corner Store, this was the first thing that caught my eye. But Im actually not big on getting 'special' film. (film is film, meh.) But these just look so cool and fun! The one that I would want is 'Kolor'. Only thing that sucks about these is that theres only 12 exposures on each.

The Juice Box Camera, I have been wanting this camera since I found out about Photojojo. Its soo cute and the pictures come out bright and colourful. (When I have spending-money again, this will be my next online purchase!)

Holga Fisheye Lens Set for Instax 7s, Next to my 'top-of-the-list' wants, is this! I want to make fisheye pictures, do you know how awesome a fisheye instax would be?

Fisheye 2 Ripcurl, I want it because its a fisheye! I want a fisheye so bad...Doesn't even need to be this one. (caught my eye because its so colourful) One like this would do fine too.
Diana Mini & Flash, Do you know how small and cute this is? This is one of the first cameras I wanted when I found Lomography. I think Its a must have. But I don't think I'd ever get the Diana F+. Not a big fan of 120mm.

Animag Photo Stands, oh I want the Deer and bear! They would look so good on a shelf.

Now for a different kind of list. Here are the things I used to want;

Fotoclips, great for putting up a lot of pictures. Plus you could make cool designs with your pictures without having to put holes in them. Don't need this anymore because my boyfriend got me a box for my birthday! (I should maybe take a picture of my awesome wall.)

Actionsampler, was really interested about the four-lenses. Found it on sale at a local shop.

Disderi Robot Cams, at the time I was looking at my mulit-lens options. The camera looked cute (robot face) but the way the pictures came out wasn't for me.

And I also used to want a new lens that would let me get closer to animals (like at the zoo.) I ended up getting a used 70 - 200mm lens from a local Camera Shop. :]


  1. Hey, It's my first visit here and you totally hooked me - cameras are the way to my heart. Photojojo added one today that makes timelapses! It's on my list.
    Ok I'm off to wander your blog, cheers!

  2. I love this list, I pretty much want everything too, I love the strap especially. Definitely get a superheadz slim and wide if you can, its one of my favourite cameras and so cheap!

  3. Mel, I know I saw it in my email this morning, it looks so cool!
    Im sure I'll do another wish-list in a few months lol.

    Rhianne, I love cameras that are awesome and cheap.

  4. Hey, what a great wishlist :)
    Mine is very similar, although I have the SuperHeadz Wide and Slim Cam in blue, although it's available in so many colours and they're really easy to use that I kinda want a whole range!
    I also just bought a juicebox cam off ebay, so I'm really excited to get that!

  5. Ah so lucky about the juicebox camera. I keep looking at it on Photojojo, It will be mine...soon!


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