Aug 27, 2011

Homemade Popsicles!

A while ago, I bought a popsicle mold from the dollar store and I've been making homemade popsicles almost every weekend. Some are really good and others not so much...

My first few batches were made with jello mix. I've made a few different flavours, (cherry!) but the one pictured above is lemon and lime. (Really good)

I tried pudding too, but the pudding flavour I had was butterscotch...its was so bad (it was pudding mix, so maybe it went bad?) that I threw the rest away. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with chocolate or vanilla?

Recently I've made frozen yogurt pops. These ones above are strawberry, and they are so good. I think frozen yogurt pops are my favourite now.

Even Cap likes them.


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