Aug 16, 2011

Instax of Captain

I haven't posted any instax in a while. So here are some of Cap.

This one is the most recent one, I think he looks weird in this one.

This is from when we first moved into our new apartment, a few months ago. See he looks really small and cute!

I took this one when I got back from my trip. This is how he looks on my bed when Im getting ready for work in the morning.


  1. I cant decide which I love more - your amazaing nails! Or your fujis of your pup!!

    I just ordered more instax film for our holiday and I can't wait to use it up :)

  2. hehe, thanks! (I'll have a nail post up soon)
    I can't wait to have some extra cash so I can go get some more instax film too! I wish I could buy like 100, I always seem to run out really fast.

  3. I like those instax-shots, but I love your nails!


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