Aug 21, 2011

Old Black & White Photos Part 1

Finally edited some of the pictures I took of my Grandparents old photos. (I ended up taking pictures of the pictures. So I cropped them.) Im going to start off with the photos from my Mom's side of the family because they had more to share.
I don't know when I'll post more but for now I just have these to share.
But there are more! Check out parts two and three.

I want to start off with a picture (self portrait) of my Grandpa, mainly because without him most of these photos wouldn't exist.

This is my Grandma, wasn't she pretty? My Mom looks so much like her.

Here is my Grandma (far left) with a few of her work buddies.

Here is my Grandpa with his 3rd daughter. (He had 4 daughters in total)

This is a photo of my Grandma when she was still pretty young, so (maybe) not taken by my Grandpa(?) (Im not too sure who took this one) Look how long her hair was! Pretty sure that is one of her brothers standing beside her playing the accordion.

And here is a picture of my Mom when she was a little girl, helping with the Christmas tree.

Here is my Mom in her late teens, on my Dad's motorcycle.

This is a shot from the front balcony at my Grandparent's home. (Which is an apartment)

I thought it would be neat to take a photo of a photo. Other than new coats of paint on the garages, not much has changed.

And that's all I've got for now. :]

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