Aug 3, 2011

Whats in my Bag (Summer)

I've seen the 'What's in my Bag' post many times, on a lot of blogs. (Especially this summer!) I've always wanted to do this myself so I could look back at what I used to carry in my bag. Planning on doing a winter version of this too, hopefully I remember!

Anyways, this is what is my bag, currently.
Minus my cell phone, ipod shuffle, (really kicking myself in the butt for forgetting to add those two, because those are the first two things I put in my bag!) movie ticket stubs, receipts and some sand.

And the breakdown...

1. My Moleskine Sketchbook, been carrying this with me everywhere lately because its smaller than my regular sized sketchbooks. Comes with my colour-erase pencil, HB pencil, black thin-tip marker, sharpener and eraser.
2. These are the rings I wear pretty much everyday. My promise ring, the ring my dad got me in Poland (a trip from a few years ago), and my Grandma's ring, which my mom gave to me when I was younger.
3. My favourite pair of sun-glasses this summer.
4. Fruit scented bubbles. It looks old because it is old. Very old.
5. Currently my favourite bag. Bought it for myself at the mall, I think around Christmas.
6. I always have a camera in my bag, right now its the Actionsampler, love this fun camera.
7. My old Tamagotchi, I turned it off while I was away but I keep it in my bag because I plan on starting it up again.
8. Awesome bandaids for my heels, because I destroy my heels in the summer...because I buy bad shoes that look pretty but are bad for my feet.
9. Tiny thing of Sunscreen my mom gave me, but still havn't used it.
10. My very old and dirty looking wallet. Really need a new one. (Were talkin' high school here folks!)
11. Just recently added the Capital camera to my bag too. I bring it to the beach/dog park a lot.
12. My favourite hair clip. Usually go to work with my hair clipped up to the side and then take it down once it dries a bit.
13. A small bottle of roll-on perfume, which is pretty old but smells so good. Beside it, is some chap stick, don't really use it that much in the summer.
14. Usually have some Nail Polish in my bag too. Most of the time I do my nails at work because I sit at a desk all day.
15. Some Cuticle Moisturizer that my mom gave me, but I don't use that often.
16. Doggy Bags, for the walks with Captain.
17. I keep some hair clips and ties in my bag for emergencies.
18. One of my favourite necklaces, I've been wearing this one a lot this summer. Got it while I was in Poland from my Aunt.
19. Keys, my apartment and my parents house keys.

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