Sep 12, 2011

Old Black & White Photos Part 2

The second part of my family's black and white photos. This time It'll be from my Dad's side.
If you haven't already, check out part one and three.

This is a photo of my Grandparents (from my Dad's side) on their wedding day. I love my Grandma's dress and my Grandpa looks so handsome!

These are slightly more recent photos of them. Possibly their old passport photos? Though they don't look this young anymore. My Grandpa pretty much looks the same minus a new hair style.(Theres a bit of pen or marker on my Granpa's photo!?)

These happy people are my Great Grandparents. (Grandpa's parents.) My Great Grandma looks so pretty!

My Grandma and her boys. She sent this photo out to my Grandpa when he was working in the states to make some extra cash. My dad is the one on the left. (I was born 7 years later!)

Here is a photo of my Grandparents at a party, probably work related. (They're the two on the left.)

These are my other Great Grandparents and my Grandma in the middle. (Grandma's parents) Why didn't people like to smile in photos back then?

My Grandma, possibly at a school event?

My Grandpa came to Greece for my birth. (Yes, thats me!) He looks a lot like my Dad here.

I had to make this photo that last one. My Grandpa was a good lookin' man but this photo makes me laugh everytime I see it. Doesn't he look like Pee Wee Herman here!?

P.S. There will be a part 3.


  1. These are so awsome, thanks for sharing! I love looking at photos of my family and grandparents from when they were younger. It's hard for me to imagine sometimes that they were once young.

  2. I know what you mean. I can;t believe my Grandparents looked so good when they were young.


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