Oct 13, 2011

Fotoclips Wall

I said a while ago that I got my fotoclips. Well I just wanted to post some pictures of my wall. I still have a lot of clips left over. I Might make another fotoclip wall in my bedroom once I get some of my summer rolls developed. (I've got like 7 rolls waiting to be developed!)

I had to take a second shot because the glare in the first shot was bugging me. It's from the near by window. Ugh.


  1. yeah, i think i'm gonna print some photos and make something like this

  2. That's nice! I usually tape things to walls, which does not work out well for me later when things need to be moved.

  3. Looks great, I did something similar a few years ago with many pictures I had taken of clouds and trees, it looks pretty wicked! :)




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