Oct 16, 2011

Nail Art 16: Halloween!

I was supposed to have these up last week but Im a bit behind on posting my nail designs. Which means that I might be posting Halloween nails in November, but thats okay cause Halloween is always cool. Right?

I love how this picture turned out. It was the last one I took before my batteries died.

I tested out a few different ideas. I was most excited to do the bloody nails but I actually like how the zombie and ghost nails turned out the most. The bloody ones didn't turn out how I pictured in my head.

See the little ghost on my pinky? He's my favourite. :]

Have you done any Halloween themed nails yet? Are you planning to for the Halloween weekend?


  1. They are very good, I love the little ghosts especially, quite cute!

  2. I love these they are so cute!

  3. very cute! maybe the bloody nails would be better if the red was on the outside. you know, like you were clawing someone, haha.

  4. I had to re-read your comment like 4 times before I understood what you meant by 'red on the outside' but noooow i get it. :]
    That's a good idea actually!

  5. I love these so much, I think I will have to give the zombie nails a try :D

  6. Your nails are so incredibly cute! I am the worst at nail art! Lately I have been meaning to practice.
    Xo Chloe.

  7. these are amazing! i love your nail art so much! can i ask, how do you do it? the details are so great! do you use a nail art pen? how do you do the nails on your left or right hand, depending on whether you are left or right handed? i have so much trouble! maybe you are ambidextrous?


  8. Yes, I used a nail art pen.. and when i do my right hand i just go super slow...
    i wish i was ambidextrous!!


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