Oct 15, 2011

Old Black & White Photos Part 3

Last part of the Old Black & White Photography series. These are basically random left overs. These are all from my Mom's side, taken by my Grandpa.
Check out part one and two 
This is a shot of one of my aunts, singing at a school event of some sort. See the girl in red? My aunt is on the left, 3rd girl. (I like that bird mask)

Another one of my aunts. She is the one in the middle.

My Mom's first communion.

I'm sure this is a shot they took while on a road trip? My Mom is the one with the white shoes on the far right. (I don't know who the girl beside her is, maybe a friend or cousin?) But the other two are my aunts and obviously my Grandma.

While I was going through the box of photographs I found a lot of shots of grave yards and funerals. My Grandma is on the far left, my Mom is the girl in the white coat and two of her sisters beside her. The ladies on the right are some of my Grandma's sisters.

Paying respects. My Grandma and my Grandpa's sister. All three of my Mom's sisters here. My mom is the one closest to the camera right beside Grandma.

My Mom at the playground. She's the one in the white shirt.

A rare shot of my Grandpa. My Mom, again closest to the camera.

My mom, the one on the right.

Not too sure who's funeral this is. Could be a great aunt or uncle.

I like the feel of this photo. It's hard to see who is in this one though. I can see two of my aunts.

Another funeral.

Really like the look of this photo too.

A photo of my Mom when she was a little girl... and below...

A photo of me! I am so rockin' that purse. :]

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  1. very nice. i wish the photos of my childhood were as charming.


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