Oct 17, 2011

Rockton Fall Fair

For Thanksgiving, my family almost always goes to the Rockton World's Fair. The Rockton Fair has rides, animals and events. We usually end up walking around and checking out the animals as we eat lots of ice cream and deep-fried goodness.

The first thing we saw, the colossal onion!

So we had to get one. We always get one. Last year we ate two!

Lots of candy and sweet stands.

There's also a building with chickens, pigeons, ducks, rabbits and more. They're all there to win 'Best ______'. A lot of people don't really care and just go to look all the cute animals.

Lazy Bunnies.

A freaked out lookin' pigeon. I might have scared him with my camera...

The cutest and sweetest goat ever! She's even smiling.

I'll finish off with the usual 'fair/carnival'-like photos.

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