Nov 8, 2011

Claire's Scented When Dry Nail Polish Review

A while ago I saw these three bottles of scented nail polish in Claire's and I just had to have them!

I was first drawn to the pink strawberry scented nail polish. Then I saw the green watermelon and purple bubble gum.

When they say 'scented when dry' they mean it! I smelt the nail polish when I first went into the store and it smelt so bad. So I put some of the pink strawberry on my one nail and kept looking around the store. A few minutes later I put my hand to my face and all I could smell was yummy strawberry!

This nail polish has some glitter inside each bottle. I'm not a huge fan of glitter in my nail polish but this glitter is so small. You don't really notice it unless you look closely.

I'd have to say the best and most scented nail polish would have to be first the pink strawberry, then the purple bubble gum and then the green watermelon. The strawberry and bubble gum smell so good. Unfortunately the watermelon does not smell like watermelon to me, (and it doesn't smell that good) I'm not sure what it smells like really.

Personally, I like the look of the pink the most but you have to put on an extra coat of it. The purple went on the smoothest and took only two coats.

The next day after I showered, I could still smell my nails pretty well. (mmm) I ended up doing this to my nails later on in the day. I wanted more colour!

My nails smelt pretty fruity! I ended up putting a top coat on after I added more nail polish and could still smell the scents. (yes, even the next day with a top coat.)

Pretty sure these were designed more for little girls but they make my nails smell so good. So who cares!

The only downside is that after a day or two the nail polish will start to chip off. (like all nail polish) but I felt like these chipped a lot faster.

I only found these three scents at my local Claire's store but I searched online and found they have a bunch more.
I'll find that cotton candy scented nail polish and it will be mine!

P.S. Just wanted to say the I have no affiliation with Clarie's, (but wouldn't that be awesome?) I just really like this product. :]


  1. wow! scented nailpolish! nice find!

    did the scents mix together well? did they make you hungry all the time?

  2. They actually did, but I couldn't smell the watermelon much.

  3. Nice color combination.This style is new for me but i like it.I am hopeful that soon many girls will follow this trend.


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