Nov 2, 2011

Movies of October Review

I'm going to be starting a new feature on my blog. I'll be doing reviews of the movies, but only of the ones that I went to go see in theatre for that month. We typically see anywhere from 3 - 6 movies a month in theatre. I thought about doing movie reviews that include the ones I've watched on Netflix too but that's just way too many movies.
We watch a lot of movies. We own a lot of movies. We like movies.

I love the soundtrack, especially the first song. This movie was kinda slow in some parts and had some very awkward moments. (Some people were giggling in the theatre. Okay, I was too sometimes.) There are some really good moments in the movie where the character does something you don't expect. This makes those scenes very intense because the main character comes off as very quiet. After the movie I came out thinking the movie was 'okay' but then days after I kept thinking about some the the scenes from it, and listening to the soundtrack. So it grew on me and now I think its awesome!

Going into this movie, I forgot that It was about cancer... anyways I ended up crying a lot. (which I almost never do during movies) The first half of the movie is very funny and light heart-ed, the second half gets more serious though. Great acting in this one and overall a really good movie. (Good movie for cuddling.) Definitely purchase worthy.

I liked this movie, but at the same time I don't think I'd watch it again. It felt very long and I didn't like how it ended.

Real Steal
I went into this movie just for the cool looking robots. It turned out it was actually pretty good. The fighting scenes were really well done and I was totally getting into them. The little kid in this movie is pretty cute and even though there's a lot of cheesy moments in the movie, its okay the robots are cool looking! A great family movie or if you're looking for a good feel-good movie.

The Ides of March
Started off how I thought it would, typical political movie. So I assumed I'd be bored by the halfway mark. Nope. Bring on the drama! About half way through the movie got so much more interesting and intense. On the other hand most of the drama was pretty predictable. (which I hate!) At some points though, I actually forgot I was in the theatre because I was so into the movie. (I love when that happens, don't you?)

The Thing
I was very excited about seeing this movie because I love horror movies! I love the 1982 version of 'The Thing', but I just want to let people know that this version is supposed to be a prequel not a remake. (Even I thought it was a remake until the very end of the movie) This was an awesome movie, the CGI was through the roof. I was freaking out and fully disturbed. If you're a fan of the 1982 version, then go see this one, a great horror movie propbably the best I've seen all year!

Paranormal Activity 3
First off I just want to say, If you haven't seen Paranormal Activity 1 & 2, you should. They're pretty good for horror/suspense movies. (Especially Paranormal Activity 2.) Anyways, this movie was pretty good. (I was expecting a lot more though, I guess people were hyping it up too much ... and I listened.) The movie wasn't too long and it felt like it was moving pretty quickly, unlike Para 1, where It moved a bit too slow. This movie also had a lot more effects in it, which is always cool but at the same time they would move past the slower 'time-to-develop-the-story-and-characters' spots and just go straight to the cool effects. I guess thats what a lot of people what. But not me, I like my story! (Thats why I liked Para 2 so much, It's got a perfect balance of suspense, and effects) Overall this movie was a bit of a disappointent.

You should probably stop reading here, cause I'm going to complain a bit...

Rant 1: For some reason, The Thing is/was getting bad reviews because people can't stop comparing it to the first one. Com'on people, just watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is. Stop going into a movie that's a prequal/remake and judging it on that! If you do just save your money, you've already decided what you think about the movie before you've even watched it.

Rant 2: Why do people talk during movies? I don't understand you pay anywhere from $8 - $16 for a ticket and you decide to waste it talking? Go outside and talk, it's free. Im tired of having to see that couple in the corner behind us, or sometimes even infront of us and telling them to shut up! (and usually they're way older than us too.) I'm not talking about a little whisper here and there. "Oh that part was cool" or "I'll be back, I have to pee". I'm talking full on conversations about what they did that day or what they ate. You show up late to the movie and then decide to talk and then talk even louder when the movie gets louder? I'm sorry is the movie inturrupting your talk? Argh!!

Rant 3: Turn off your cell phones! I'm tired of hearing; "Hey, who's this? Ohhh...naw, I'm at the movies. Yeah, the movies. The moooviessss. Well, what do you want to do? Well text me cause I'm at the movies." (This guy was 3 seats from me!) Then after he kept checking his cell and all I could see was a bright light always on my right side. What gets me too, is that no one ever says anything!? This isn't okay! There were people sitting infront and behind him. They did nothing!

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think of them?

P.S. Just want to say that the views expressed in this post are my own. By that I mean, you may have loved a movie and I may hated it. It's just my opinion. :]

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