Nov 5, 2011

Nail Art 18: Tribal Halloween

Here are the last of my Halloween nails. I don't know why but I went for a bit more of a tribal look this time.

As you can see I started out taking pictures indoors. It was all grey and rainy for the week that I did these and I knew they would start chipping soon.

I hate taking pictures indoors especially with bad lighting.

I took these outdoor shots outside of the subway station while I was heading to an interview for a Graphic Design position.

Around this time a random guy came up to me and told me I had nice nails. I was kinda creeped out but at the same time, I was a random girl on the street taking pictures of her nails. I probably looked pretty weird.

That green nail is a bit smudged, my fault I didn't wait long enough for the nail polish to dry. (I had to go to the washroom so bad!)

I ended up getting the job for the Graphic Design position, too bad it wasn't what I expected. Not much to do with designing, for part time hours and minumum wage. (No thanks, I'll keep looking.) So tired of looking for a good art-related (animation) job. :[


  1. i love these! beautiful!

    good luck for finding a better job!

    ugh i hate nailpolish smudging! the nailpolish I put on yesterday didn't dry for like 5 hours, maybe there were too many layers? now it's all dented. not abig deal, though.

  2. Thanks.
    That has happened to me before. It probably was too many layers and your top coat (if you used any) couldn't handle it.


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