Nov 7, 2011

Put on your 3D Glasses

We started collecting our 3D glasses some time last year. I want to say this 'collection' is about, at least a year old now. I know for sure we started keeping our 3D glasses in the summer time.

We decided to start collecting them because well, we paid the extra money for them. Might as well keep them!

I've been thinking of painting them different colours and patterns. Then maybe hanging them up on my wall? Or framing them.

I think justin wants to make his half into a helmet?

After I took these pictures I found two more on the shelf and another in my purse. We don't even like seeing movies in 3D that much. If the movie is available in 3D and in...not-3D (regular screen?) we always go see it on the regular screen. It's less money plus I find 3D movies kind of annoying and the movie ends up looking darker too.


  1. wow! you must see a lot of 3D movies! even if you don't really like them!

    there must be loads of cool things you can do with this collection! I wonder if you could paint images inside the lenses, or would that not work???

  2. hmmm.. maybe i'll paint them and the lens will have a design of pattern inside? we'll see!


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