Nov 9, 2011

the Sketchbook Project Update

It's been a few weeks since I've gotten my sketchbook. I've only just finished the first two pages but I feel like I'll have this done before Christmas.

I had no idea what to do on my first page. The first page of any sketchbook is always so scary. You want it to be your best work because it's the first page everyone will see. I almost ended up starting in the middle of the sketchbook.

The first sketch I did was of this old beardy man. I might possibly end up doing another beardy old man.

Check out my new markers I bought at the dollar store. You know what's coming next, right?

On the next page, I decided to do one of my dotted-hair girls or marker doodles? (no clue what to call them) Stippling with markers. I do it when I don't know what to draw. It's a good way to keep busy.

P.S. I've seen a lot of people use both sides of the pages in their sketchbooks. As you can see in the second scan, you can see right through the first page. I almost always ink my drawings, so I'll probably just stick to using one side of the page.


  1. your drawings are so awesome!

    i often have had to use only one side of the paper, too, ink really does go through the paper, sometimes i have to put a piece of scrap paper between the pages to make sure it didnt leak thru to the one below. but paper used for art is never wasted!

  2. i love that beardy man! and the dotty haired girl of course. she is so cute.

  3. That dotty haired girl is to die for! She should be on a tote bag!

  4. I really like that bearded man. I feel like he should be in a really awesome children's book.

  5. It's taken me awhile to start my sketchbook, too. Love love your dots.

  6. I love the dotted girl she is great

  7. I wish I had time to take part in this project, it's pretty damn awesome <3

  8. guess I should do more dotted girls!

    @Erin Dawn, they just started a new sketchbook project! basically the same thing only, limited number of people can sign up and they're making it into one big book!

  9. I like using both sides of the page, so I prime the backs of pages with either a little gesso or white acrylic paint... Then I can work over it! I like using ink too, and it always shows through..


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