Dec 30, 2011

Christmas Stuff!

I hope you had a great Christmas break. I've always liked seeing what kind of presents people get and give around Christmas. So I thought it would be fun to share what I got this year. :]

I spent this year at my Mom's. This is a picture of the tree back home. The tree is so huge that it hides a lot of the presents. Trust me we had a lot under there.

My first double ring and it's batman. Win. Too bad I'm silly and put the ring on upside down?

Another camera necklace. I love things to do with cameras.

A whole bunch of shirts and sweaters! Then on boxing day I went out and bought more.

A couple of Christmas ornaments for our new tree. It's going to look so great next year.

More film! More importantly, instax film!! (I've already loaded my cameras)

This was a totally surprise. I thought that maybe it was a movie at first. (But my family almost never gives movies as gifts, or gift cards.) Our computers have been crashing a lot lately, especially the older one.

Other presents I got but not pictured; a couple of earrings, perfume, pajamas (we get new ones almost every year), tights, sweater dress, nail polishes, nail polish art pens, wallet, ereader, winter hat, popcorn bowls, body lotion and chocolates.


  1. What lovely gifts! Love all the film you got!


  2. Beautiful tree and I am very jealous of that batman ring ;)


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