Dec 21, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Captain!

It's Captain's birthday!

His first birthday, he has come a long way. Captain didn't come with any papers when we got him and we didn't think to ask his past owner. All we knew was that he was about 3 months old at the time we got him. So he was born some time in December. We 'officially' made his birthday on Christmas day, but I'm going to celebrate and post some photos up of him, with some fun facts today! :]

One big thing I regret was not taking more photos of him when he was a puppy. He was so little and thin. He was sick, I don't know if his last owner knew he was sick or if they knew and thats why they sold him to us. (Maybe that's why, I didn't want to get too attached to him because if he was seriously sick we wouldn't be able to keep him. But thankfully he just needed some pills and love.) For those of you who don't know. Captain had ring worms, which makes you poop blood and your poops all runny. He was also pretty dirty and skinny. The bloody poops are what freaked me out the most. I thought he was dying, I thought we bought a dying dog, someone found out he was sick and sold him... I was so sad and mad but it was treatable and he got better after a few weeks.

Anyways... this is the very first picture I took of him, in our old apartment, that didn't allow dogs. Haha.

A shot of him at my boyfriend's parents house, playing with their dogs. He had such a little neck for a long time, he could easiler slip out of his collar.

Yep, he's got a bit of an attitude. Even then he thought he was the boss. He likes to steal toys.

Captain likes his treats, but usually not dog treats. He is a picky eater, maybe from being so sick for who knows how we have to get special food for him. For the first few months we didn't know what kind of dog food to feed him because he wouldn't eat that much, throw up a lot and his poops weren't normal. (like pudding or jello) But the vet helped us and now it's all good.

Loves to play. Of course all dogs do. He gets so excited sometimes he runs from the bedroom to the living room. He jumps on the bed and on our couch and ends up pushing both of them against the wall since we don't have carpets. Cute but annoying...

A very quick action shot, he was pretty hyper cause I was calling him and running around the apartment with him. I know it's not really focused or a nice picture but I like it. Reminds me of how silly he is.

When I found this picture on my camera I laughed so hard. I love when his tongue hangs out like that. One word. Derp.

This is where Captain likes to sleep and and eat his treats during the day. (which I hate cause he's messy.) We have a futon and a couch. The futon is old so he's allowed to go on it. He likes to prop his head up like that. sometimes he'll come over, lean on the futon and put his head on my foot or leg. Oh I wish I had a picture of how he 'sits' on the futon. He'll sit with his back legs on the futon but his front legs are still on the floor. He's like half sitting, half standing. So funny looking.

Looks like he's laughing. One of the many faces of Captain. I like how he looks without his collar on. We like to take it off on weekends to give him a break.

Sup. See how far apart his elbows are? He has always laid down like that. I used to think maybe he had something broken.

His favourite toy would probably have to be anything made of rope or string. He's got like three rope toys. He loves his tug-o-war. He likes to bring the rope right to you, drop it on your crotch and just stares at it until you move it. And you have to move it, I mean it's a smelly, wet, rope... on your crotch.

Sometimes when he closes his mouth, some skin hes stuck under his teeth I guess and he gets this weird bump. When this happens, he likes to stare at you.

Coming in from a walk or from the bedroom maybe?

This is the living room window, he likes to people watch. He started doing this maybe a month or two ago. He used to stand up on it with his front paws but I guess he got lazy and now he kind of...rests on the window/heaters? Sometimes I look out the window with him and there's no one outside...

I left this picture of Capatin for last because I love it so much. Not too long ago and just took a bunch of pictures of Captain for about an hour. (excuse our messy bedroom) This is a great action shot of Captain jumping on our bed. I wish I had more but they were always of him landing or just about to take off.

Happy 1st Birthday Capatian. Cap. Cappy. Cap-attack. Cap-a-roo. Cap-a-lack. Cap-e-taaan.

P.S. I hope you learn how to walk better on the leash. :]


  1. ¡Capitán ha cambiado mucho en un año! Muchas felicidades a él y espero hagas un GIF animado para conmemorar tan emotivo hecho.

    Saludos :)

  2. hehe that laughing picture is cute and your dog is adorable! :)

  3. Hey there Angel!
    I'm visiting from Elycia's blog and wanted to say hello :) Your puppy dog is such a cutie! I wish I could have one, but I'm allergic :( I hope he gets a special treat (one that he likes) for his birthday!


  4. Hey! I'm from Elycia's blog! I love your blog! It is so cute, along with your artwork!

  5. Oh my goodness, look at that cute face! I love your blog! It's quite unique, which is just refreshing to see :)

    New follower!


  6. omg, what a cute doggy!

    i got here through elycia's blog! i love your art!

  7. aw! happy birthday captain!

  8. Adorable pup! I Just got a puppy a while ago and I made sure to take lots of pictures, because I didnt last time I had a pup. They grow up so fast!

    I saw your prints over at Elycia's blog; they are so awesome!

    The oBitchuaries


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