Dec 31, 2011

In 2011 I...

I thought It would be a good idea to do a recap/review of this past year. This will be the first time I do something like this and there's a couple of reasons why I want to do this. First of all, in 2010 I only posted about 59 times (on average about 3 - 4 posts a month) but to be fair I was also in my last year of college then. In 2011 as of now, I have posted just over 200 posts. That is a big change! (on average about 15 - 20 posts a month.)
My blog has grown a lot in this last year. It has grown not only in readers but also in content. I've been trying to post more of my personal life on here. You can probably tell I don't do it that often by the number of pictures I have up of myself. Although It did feel like the start of 2011 was a bit rocky for me. It did get better.

Anyways, I thought I would share some of the highlights of 2011.
So in random order, In 2011 I...

Photoshopped a lot of pretty pictures! This one being probably one of my favourites.

Also sketched a lot. (althought I sketched more last year.) I hope to post a lot more sketches in 2012.

Went to the Zoo. Twice. I almost even got a membership so I would have a good excuse to go more often. My favourite animal being the wolf. I stopped by their exhibit three times before leaving to take pictures of them. I also bought a new lens, a 70 - 200mm basically for the Zoo.

I finally signed up for the Sketchbook Project! I need to finish it within the next week or two actually.

Worked on a few 3D animations and on my reels. (Animation and After effects) This 2 character lipsync was probably my favourite.

Went to Poland for 2.5 weeks in June. Visited some family there, travelled around a bit.

Also travelled to Greece for about 2 weeks, right after visiting Poland. Although I am Polish, I was actually born in Greece. Very beautiful there but so damn hot.

Flew a lot. Travelling to Poland, then to Greece, then flying back home. We took a lot of planes and because of that I also took a lot of pictures of the sky and clouds. This is probably my favourite shot. I also took a few videos of the clouds and also of landing and taking off.

Planted some seeds indoors. Even though only two of my plants actually lived long enough to grow anything, and only one grew cherry tomatos...and they didn't taste good at all. I still had fun gardening. I plan on planting some more seeds this coming spring. I also took a weird video of my plants moving.

Dyed my hair pink. Then I tried making it red, and it turned out pink again. Even though I love coloured hair, and especially loved how my hair looked pink... I had to dye it back to a 'normal' colour. One, for my trip to Poland and Greece and two, because I couldn't afford to keep dying my hair every 2 weeks. Plus I am lazy and dying your hair pink 2 - 3 times a month takes like, half a day! This picture can also represent that I also bough myself a mini instax camera. I love this camera!

I posted a bunch of old photos that I copied from my Grandparents. I loved seeing pictures of my Grandparents in their younger years. As well as seeing pictures of my parents growing up and seeing how my Mom and I look very much a like. Here are the posts, one, two and three.

Started posting pictures of my nail art. I started painting my nails funky colours back in high school. Then took a break for a few years (I still would do my nails just not as often) and started again just after college. I decided I would start sharing my nail creations, since it is like another form of art, right? This one with the rainbow thumbs was my all time favourite. Can you believe I did this one at work, while taking phone calls? I really liked this nail art design too.

Went to Fan Expo. Nay, I was a part of Fan Expo! Justin and I got a table and sold some artwork. It was so much fun that we plan on doing it again.

Did a few marker doodles, stippled with markers. Once in a while I'll do a whole bunch of these kind of drawings, just for fun. People seem to like them. Which is why I used one for my header.

Went to the Zombie Walk but this year instead of dressing up I just went to take pictures. And take pictures I did!

Bought myself a set of macro filters and used them like crazy. Now I use them for almost anything thats small and close up.

Did a few crafty things, like melt some crayons on canvas. I hope I find the time to do a lot more crafts things like this in 2012.

Bought (and got a few as gifts) a few 35mm cameras. One of them being the actionsampler. I found that in 2011 I rediscovered my love for film cameras by discovering other film lovers. As well as finding great sites like; Lomography, Photojojo and fourcornerstore.

Got a new and our first puppy! We named him Captain and we love him. He also just celebrated his first birthday. :]

Some other things that happened in 2011:

We moved out of the small bachelor apartment that Justin was living in, and into a bigger 1 bedroom apartment.
Bought our first couch and other home-y things.
Took my yearly underwater pictures.
Took jumping pictures!
Bought our first Christmas tree.
Created a few fun GIFs.
Got my first real animation job.
Found I both, like and dislike freelance work.
Got my first shot of lightning.
Got a second computer.

...That's about all I could think of. I do have some plans and goals for 2012, on and offline. But I think i'll keep those to myself for now.
I hope you had a good year too. If you didn't well then I hope 2012 is better for you!
What was you're favourite part of 2011?

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  1. Oh you had an awesome year!!! Sczesliwych swiat!



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