Dec 2, 2011

Nail Art 20: Christmas Trees

What better way to start December, then with Christmas themed nails!

We're getting out first Christmas tree soon and I am thinking of getting a pink one!
Or should I stick with the traditional green? Hmm...


  1. Siempre me sorprendo de la calidad de tus pinturas en las uñas. Tienes mucho talento e imaginación.


  2. Those are very nice! If only I had patience to make such awesome nails.

  3. How fun! But I'm afraid I would cry if I had art on my nails like that and they would chip...

  4. wow! cool nails!

    I would say get a purple one, but i am biased, it is my favourite colour at the moment! Get a pink one if you want one, and if your boyfriend doesn't object! I always liked coloured trees!

  5. Gasp! What festive nails, personally I would stick to rich green but thats because I am such a bore/I could never pull off unique and colorful nails like yours!

    Tres jealous & kudos they are amazing.

  6. Thanks guys, I am glad you like them!

    laura, my boyfriend said he didn't care as long as i liked it and all i heard was 'get the pink one.'

    julia, I dont even have a rich green nail polish...haha. I should get one!


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