Dec 6, 2011

Spiral Art

I have been looking for a Spiral set for a long time. Guess where I found this baby? At the dollar store! Silly me, I was looking online and in thrift stores for one this whole time.

Here are some scanned doodles of some spirals I did. These are a bit rough and messy looking, I guess I was pressing too hard or something?

Aw, these are so pretty. The lower row are my favourites, especially the middle one.

Did anyone else ever play with Spiral kits/sets when they were little? I used to play with these at my babysitters house, and I remember being pretty awesome with them.

P.S. I tried doing a few with markers instead of pens but the markers don't dry fast enough and end up making a big mess!


  1. aw I used to have a set when I was little, but I would get so stressed every time I made a mistake hehe

  2. i loved those as a kid. i have a big vintage set we found at a thrift (it has probably 30 little spiral making things) but i haven't tried it out yet.

  3. ¡Yo estoy seguro que esto es muy divertido!
    Cuando yo era niño tenía una regla que al mismo tiempo servía para hacer espirales. Fue una verdadera pena cuando yo la perdí.


  4. OMIGOD SO NOSTALGIC! I had maybe this exact kit when I was a kid!!! Now I want to do it again!

  5. I STILL have the one I got when I five! Of course, that was only eight years ago, but still...

    I could NOT figure out how to work them until a couple years ago! When I got it, I was plain dis-interested, but then I found the kit I had again and It was really fun! I was sad because the set was missing a wheel, so I couldn't make the design I wanted to. :(

    Your spirals are awesome, by the way! :D


  6. I would have loved to get my old, first spiral set back again. I remember it had like a zillion wheels!


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