Apr 29, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Here are some things I found while thrifting over Easter weekend back home...

This cute deer figure. Pretty sure its for plants because theres a hole in the back of it. So Im going to repaint it and plant something cool in it! :D

I also found some neat cameras. I thought they both worked but only the Capital one does. Which sucks cause the smaller one is so cute. Right now I have a test roll in Capital. Hopefully it works out. If it does Im planning on using it for destroyed film.
Have a good weekend, I'll be moving into my new apartment. :]

Easter Weekend 2

I also went to a few parks on Easter weekend with a friend. This one park has Deer and Peacocks in it, so why not take some pictures of them!

p.s. find more pictures

Apr 27, 2011

Wallpaper: My Imaginary Friend

Look I made a Wallpaper for you!
These are of my two characters from my 2D final film from College. If you don't know what Im talking about then click here to watch it. Or here.
Just right-click and set as background. :]

My Easter Weekend

Hope your Easter weekend was a good one!
I go back home for Easter, we don't eat meat on Friday and Saturday. We also make a basket and get it blessed on Sat morning and then eat whatevers in the basket Sun morning after church.

My parents only have brown eggs so they didn't come out so bright and colourful like they usually would.

Those two pink ones were my favourite ones. The red one is a wooden one we have.

This is a shot of what we have to eat for Sun morning. I forgot to take a picture of the basket...
So in the basket, for each person in the family we put; an egg, a piece of sausage (usually kielbasa), some bread, some salt (which my mom puts in a tissue), and a chocolate egg.
Other things I've seen in baskets; a lot of chocolate, salt and pepper shakers, muffins, and donuts.

And this last shot is inside my church of some of the baskets getting ready to be blessed.
Usually there is a lot more baskets but we picked the earliest time to go.

And that is what I do for Easter. Do you have any traditions?

Apr 19, 2011

Nail Art 2: Yo Skull

I really like how the middle finger turned out here.

My fave is the strawberry pinky!

I love my thumbs!

Apr 18, 2011

Apr 15, 2011

WIP: Cute Skull Girl

Something I've been working on...

Apr 13, 2011

Skull Eggs

Just practising for Easter. :]

Apr 11, 2011


So here is our new puppy, Captain! I found him online and when I was talking to the lady via email, she told me he was pure Husky. But we think he is actually a Husky German Shepherd mix. Plus when we got him he was kinda skinny and had worms. :O
Anyways hes getting better now, we think the worms are completely gone and he looks healthier now too. This will be his 3rd week with us, which makes him almost 4 months old. These pictures are from 2 weeks ago, when we first got him. The 4th picture is the very first picture I took of him. Isn't he sooo cute!?

Apr 10, 2011

Whoa, Nails!

So I started thinking, about how I do my nails a lot. (atleast 3 - 5 times a month) So why not start showing you my nail art?
Does anyone else to their nails a lot?

Apr 8, 2011

Mini Instax

A vintage Toy Store downtown.

Some of my boyfriends Pez collection.

So before I post some pictures of my new puppy, I wanted to show some of my favourite Fuji Mini Instax shots. Now all I need is some more instax film!!
p.s. you can find more

Apr 7, 2011

New Puppy

Pictures coming soon!

Apr 6, 2011

Weird Monster Thing

Some weird monster thingy. I dont know. Sketch can be found here. :] p.s. check out the gif version here.

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