Jan 9, 2012

CD Cover - Samuel Sixto & Ingrid Rondel

A while back (a year ago!) I answered an ad for a volunteer illustrator position. The person I did the illustration for Samuel-Sixto, was working on their next CD and wanted to get a few artists together to make a small illustration for each of their songs. (I'm assuming it would be kind of like a small art booklet inside of the CD case.) Anyways I remember I was job-less so I had a lot of free time for this.

I had a lot of fun with this one. He wanted each drawing to have; a boy (himself), a girl (the other artist on the CD), a turtle, a paper boat, the planet earth, a star and a treble clef. I picked a song called 'un monde meilleur' which means "it's not like you have to drink the sea". So the idea was that the two characters would be drinking from the sea with straws.

There are plans for me to make another illustration for another song. I'll probably post about that later too. The CD was supposed to be out in the summer of 2011 but I guess they moved it to this coming summer.

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