Jan 11, 2012

Dream Catcher

Growing up I remember always having a dream catcher in my room. The other day I decided to make my own little dream catcher. I'm not gonna lie though, I bought a dream catcher kit from the dollar store... but it didn't come with any instructions! I've never made one before and I probably should have looked online a bit to get an idea of what I was doing.

Well, I had fun and that's all that matters. I watched some videos afterwards and I found out I was pretty close. I just ended up using a lot of glue.

This was what was in my little kit. A metal hoop, some feathers, beads, string, a plastic needle (didn't really need it) and some leather strips. You can get most of these things from a dollar store, craft store, and stores like walmart. (I love walmart.) I think the hardest thing to find would be the hoop and leather. You could always use a bracelet, a strong necklace or basically anything that's a circle! Instead of leather you could always use other coloured string/yarn/fabric. I'm thinking to make another one with colourful yarn.

First I started wrapping the leather around my hoop. This was my first try, I think I was supposed to tie the ends together. Well I sucked at it so I got out my hot glue gun and glued the ends down.

See? much better! Glue and tape fixes everything.

Then I just went all over the place with the string. You basically make little loops with your string all around your hoop. You keep going until you can't anymore. Pop in a bead once in a while too. Next time I think I'll make the loops a lot closer together.

I think I was supposed to tie the bull thingy onto the hoop somehow... but I just ended up gluing it down.

And finally, the feathers... I didn't use the feathers from the kit. Instead I used my own colourful feathers. I glued them together and hid the glue with the beads. But really you're supposed to tie them together. See they make a rainbow? :]

Have you ever made a dream catcher? Am I the only one that used glue?


  1. I've never made one but my friend made me one a few years back. She used a LOT of string hahaha. She tied everything on and she double no...maybe quadruple knotted everything. It looked a bit messy but it was cute because it was all pink haha.

    Yours is cute! I love that little bull head at the top! The colourful feathers give it a good touch too :D

  2. I have attempted this but I couldnt get the string looking right, so I gave up. Yours looks brilliant.

  3. a pink one would be awesome. a whole bunch done in all solid colours.

  4. When I was younger I made dream catchers and it was a lot of fun. Now that I'm a parent I have a daughter that is really interested in getting one. I think it would be really nice for her to make her own dream catcher. I think she would really like that. http://dreamcatchrs.com/dream-catchers-2


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