Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to stop by and say Happy New Year! Here's some of the instax we took last night.

Believie it or not. That picture, is our first family photo. Crazy, we've had Captain for almost a year and never took a family photo. (we had to hold him still) We'll what better time to do it then on New Years Eve!

That glare in the second instax is my hand. oops. :]


  1. Sweet photos! Looks like you had a great start to the new year! x

  2. aw, your family photo is super cute :) i love my instax mini.. haven't used it in a whiiiile. i need to start again, so fun! happy new year!

  3. Fantastic Pictures! I think I might have to get a camera like that soon!

  4. haha, i love that you are holding captain's face. what a sweet family.


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