Jan 6, 2012

Movies of December Review

Weirdly, we didn't see that many movies in December. I think it's because of the new jobs. Anyways we saw these two movies the day after boxing day. Yes, both one after the other.

Sherlock Holmes - A Game of shadows
I've always been a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. If you're seen the first one, (even though this isn't considered part two) you'll love this one too. It has the same witty banter as the first one but the story isn't as strong. Not saying the story sucked, it just wasn't as strong compared to the first one.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Such a good movie! We watched the original version, the one made in 2009 that's in swedish and has subtitles. The original is so good too. It's basically the same movie, just with english speaking actors. I found that they made the girl a lot uglier looking in this version though. I liked this movie so much, I plan on reading the books soon. I will say this though, this movie isn't a good choice for a holiday movie. It's pretty dark.

Did you see any good movies in December, or recently?


  1. i didnt like the sherlock holmes movie. i really liked the first one, i just couldn't get into the second one.
    we saw girl with the dragon tattoo yesterday! i loved the swedish version, and i loved this one. I agree, they made lisbeth less attractive in this one. the first book is really good! i've been halfway through the second book for months. The movies get less interesting to in my opinion.

  2. Aw that blows. I was really interested in watching the rest of the swedish movies too.

  3. Can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes 2, loved the first one so much! It is completely my kind of movie!

    I'm glad you watched the original girl with the dragon tattoo movie, too. Gold star for actually watching originals and not just hollywood remakes!

    I also really want to see Hugo!

    I did see Tintin. It was pretty good!

  4. oh and you should really watch all 3 of the movies, i think they were all really great! (horrifying but great.)

  5. Since we see so many movies, we'll probably end up seeing the other movies too when they come out.

    Im hoping to see tintin this weekend! I'm so excited, that of the devil inside me!


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