Jan 28, 2012

New Camera!

I got myself a new camera. No, not another film camera. (well, I did but it isn't working.) I upgraded from my Pentax *ist DL to a Pentax K-r and it's so awesome, I love it! So I just want to show off my new camera and what it can do. This post is very picture heavy. :]

I went a little camera-happy and just took a whole bunch of pictures of Captain when I got home from the store.

I took a lot of pictures the next day around our apartment. This is my new pink frame, I hope I find more in the future.

A shot of my fotoclip wall.

Just some of our movies.

Captain got bored... So we went for a walk.

You can see the snow fluff! My old camera wouldn't be able to do that unless I used the flash.

Love this shot, Look how happy Captain is!

And we made our way to the beach.

There were a lot of people there walking their dog's too but I got a few shots like this with no people. :]

Look at the pretty colours!

I'm so glad I got my camera. I can see such a big difference in the quality alone. My new camera has a bunch cool settings too. I can't wait to take it to the Zoo!! I'm hoping to go within the next month or two.

Now I just have to try to sell or pawn my old camera off but no pawn shop wants it. They all said it was too old?! (It's only 5 maybe 6 years old) I thought pawn shops were supposed to buy your old stuff? One guy offered $60... are you kidding me? :[

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  1. The pictures are so bright and clear, they look great.


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