Jan 21, 2012

Some more film

There is something about getting a roll of film developed and not knowing (or remembering) what's on it. :]
These are a few of my favourites from a couple of rolls that I had developed recently. Sadly one of the rolls had all blurry pictures, taken with the camera my Grandpa gave me. But i'll try again!

Pretty sure this was taken with my Capital. I was on a train, going home. Love the clouds.

I love my actionsampler. Love it. The pictures are never 'good' pictures but they are just so awesome. This was taken last summer at the dog park.

I don't remember taking this one or why, maybe I just wanted a shot of the sky?

This one was also taken last spring/summer. Walking home from a friends house.

I have so many shots like this at the dog park, it's not even funny.

If you're interested, there are a few more on my flickr.


  1. These shots are great again! I love the clouds on the first too, and the sunbeams. And the colours on the last picture are pretty, I love the soft pastels.

  2. Love the action shots at the dog park.

  3. Mis favoritas son las de Capitán y la de las palomas.

    Un abrazo

  4. You're so right, there is something so exciting about developing film. I'm always a bit disappointed by my results but it's because I don't know a dang thing about photography.

    Can I also say that I just about died from happy when I saw your banner. Your work is SO GOOD!!

  5. I LOVE FILM! I just got some shots developed today. That reminds me...I need to use my action sampler more.


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