Feb 24, 2012

Photo an hour - February 23th

It's my first Photo an hour post! (Yay) I've been trying to do one of these for the longest time but I always forget. Anyways this is what I did yesterday...
Start my day off with a walk around the block with Cap. Then I shower and eat some breakfast.
I relax a bit and finish watching 'But I'm a Cheerleader' on Netflix.
I bought some window sticky things over the weekend and decide to put them up now. Then I sweep a little too.
Check my email and catch up on some blogs while I have a little snack.
I get some dishes done and clean a bit more around the apartment.
I start making my galaxy shirt and play with Captain while I wait for the first side to dry.
Pogo's for lunch while I watch 'Family Guy'. Yum. And some more playing around with Cap.
Start a little sewing project while I watch 'Stand by Me'.
I decide I really like how the shirt turned out so I lay out some more fabric. Then I watch 'Hatchi' while the fabric dries.
I take Cap out for his long walk of the day and have some avocado when I get back home.
I keep sewing some more while I watch 'The Countess' and have some dumplings for dinner around 7.

After that I put some 'Family Guy' on and edit photos for the rest of the night. I know I have such an exciting life.


  1. Your life is as exciting as mine! LOL This looks like your days are full of food, tv, crafts and your dog. That sounds awesome to me. Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Oh! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in the 11 things meme in my blog. It's not obligatory though, it's just for fun. Will you participate?


  3. Thanks but I don't really do meme's or chain-letter-like posts.
    But thank you for thinking of me! :]

  4. Wow! I absolutely love your Galaxy t-shirt, how did you do it? :)

  5. Emily, Thanks. I'll be posting a tutorial on that on monday. :]

  6. i love these kinds of posts! and captain! yummmm those eggs! that makes me want to fry some up right now.
    the countess is on my netflix queue. was it good?

  7. Rae, I love them too. and eggs are good any time of the day!
    The countess was pretty good. Kept my attention... shes is crazy, and I like crazy.


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