Feb 11, 2012

Weekend of Painting stuff

Last weekend (I wanted to post there sooner but I never found the time.) I decided to paint some of my 4x6 frames and hang up some of my artwork finally.
And there they are hanging on 'my' wall. Not really my wall, I can hang them wherever I want  but this wall and the other wall (see those photos in the back? That's my 'photography wall') are just little areas that I can do and put up whatever I want. I want to get another shelf and obviously put up some more stuff.
While I was painting my frames, Justin was painting his old little book shelf. Since Most of our stuff is black... except my red table and the wall shelves are dark brown.
And there is the after photo. Yes we collect figurines, mostly superhero ones. I don't like my nesting dolls there, I want them high up on their own shelf one day.

Have you ever re-painted an old shelf or table? I think it's fun.
This weekend we're just chilling.


  1. I love how your frames turned out. They look awesome with your artwork. I recently painted my 2 craft tables with spray paint and some random splatters of regular paint. I like how they turned out but there's one of them that I don't love and I plan on redoing it some day.

  2. Yes i plan on painting my craft table too. Im hoping teal or pink!


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