Feb 25, 2012

Weekend - Thrifting & Bowling

This past weekend (I need to learn to post these sooner) I visited my hometown. It was a nice break. Hung out with a good friend, went thrifting and black light bowling!
Aren't these salf and pepper shakers so cute? I like the ginger bread couple.
Some cute little figurines.
Almost ended up getting this plant pot. I kinda wanted to paint it something funky but then I remembered how many things I have around the apartment that still needs painting.
Almost got this too but the other side of the mug was in bad condition.
Nothing was really open Sunday night, except the movies (but you know, I've seen almost everything) So we went black light bowling. It was so packed but it was good times.
That's me bowling like a champ.
Had to take a picture of Tania's dinner. The chips looked to cool.
My favourite thing about going bowling are the shoes. I hope one day I find a pair.
Hope you have a good weekend. :]


  1. those seal salt and pepper shakers! i would have snatched those up!
    i have a pair of bowling shoes that I got at the goodwill outlet with a matching bag! When we go bowling (like, once a year) i always intimidate everyone. i guess they figure if i have shoes and a bag i must be good. but i'm actually terrible. haha.

  2. You know, whenever I see salt and pepper shakers I think of you now. Both he seals had missing whiskers on just one side.
    I always look through the shoes whenever I go thrifting for bowling shoes. I have never found a pair. So lucky to have found them!

  3. I'm totally in love with that gingerbread couple! How sweet

  4. I love bowling shoes as well they are so funky, I would love to own a pair.

  5. I love your new header!! Also, you found some pretty rad stuff while thrifting.

  6. OMG! The ginger bread couple!!! <3

  7. I love those little seals! So cute! Also that bowling carpet is INSANE. I want my whole house covered in it.


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