Feb 10, 2012

What's in my bag (Winter)

I thought now would be a good time as any to do the whole 'what's-in-my-bag post' since it's slowly getting warmer and the snow is melting so quickly. Im always surprised to see how much crap I carry in my bag.
Can you tell I had to take these pictures with flash? (I hate using flash, especially for digital photos) That's what happens when you come home later every day... no sun. :[

1.) My Forever21 bag. The strap broke, actually the metal clamp on my strap broke. So I went into the store a week later and they happily gave me another bag. But this new bag's zipper broke the next day...and then the strap broke again. Same spot too. I've never had this happen before so I've decided to never buy bags from them again. They look pretty but cheaply made.
2.) My favourite winter hat. I got it from Etsy last winter.
3.) My Juice Box camera. Even though it's been dark lately I still keep a film camera on me... just in case.
4.) I got used to keeping my glasses in my bag. Even my fake nerdy ones I wear for fun sometimes.
5.) Some perfume and chapstick.
6.) Hello Kitty candies. My hand and face creams for those super dry winter days.
7.) Gum, for when I eat out.
8.) My iPod shuffle with my blue gummy bear ear buds. We'll see how long these last, My headphones never last more than a few months.
9.) Keys.
10.) My eReader I got for Christmas.
11.) My new wallet, also a Christmas present.
12.) I always have some random necklaces in my bag, sometimes I end up taking them off half way through the day. Or sometimes Im so busy in the morning that I put them in my bag to put on when I get to work.
13.) My Nightmare before Christmas gloves. These were actually a present for Justin but he already has a pair of superman ones.
14.) Hair stuff. I usually have a few hair clips, bows and ties in my bag, just in case.
15.) And finally, My little sketchbook that I used to write down notes to myself. My USB key and my cell phone.

What do you keep in your bag? Anything weird... like socks?

P.S. See what I keep in my summer bag.


  1. Love your wallet and your winter hat soooo cute!

  2. I used to carry around disposable paper toilet seat covers because I was going through a phase! I also go through bag phases where I'll use a bigger bag and carry lots of stuff like creams etc, and then I'll get sick of that because I can never find anything, so I'll use a small bag, carry nothing, and still will lose my phone in it. I love these posts though, I need to do one!


  3. lauren, I have never heard of disposable paper toilet seat covers.. I mean I know they exsist but not a lot of places have them in Canada. Or atleast i've only ever seen a few but they were always out of them.

  4. I love posts' like this! Forever21 has some cute, cheap stuff, but it's definitely not quality.


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