Mar 6, 2012

Galaxy Inspired Paintings

The other day I decided to get some painting done. I've been very inspired by the whole galaxy print and my galaxy t-shirt I made. I didn't end up taking many WIP photos. So these are just before and after.
The sketches done on small canvas, a little bigger than a DVD case.
And these are the finished paintings. I used acrylic and black markers. I really like how they turned out. I don't even know which one I like better. I'm probably gonna do something similar with cat woman in mind. The hard thing now is to decide if I should sell these just as originals or make some prints too? Hmm.
Anyways, below are the scans and details...


  1. these are stunning!! you should definitely make them into prints. i'm using your galaxy tutorial today too! :) xo

    1. I think I might...
      What are you making? A shirt?

  2. very cool. Don't forget to put them on products at zazzle and make the big bucks.

  3. wow, these are amazing! I absolutely love them!


  4. those are really cool! you should make prints of those! i haven't seen anything like them!

  5. Oh my word! These are stunning!!! LOVE!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

  6. Thanks everyone. Guess I will make a few prints out of these.

  7. I really love your dolls!! so cuteeee!
    Hugs form Spain :D


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