Mar 15, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday #20

Such a sweet picture!
Very cool looking. Obviously I really like the hair and face.
So pretty, Love everything about this. This artist is one of my favourites.
I'm liking everything this girl is wearing. Awesome glasses and scarf.
I have a always found x-rays so interesting. I think I've only ever had one done. I should have asked for a copy or something.


  1. das erste bild ist echt schön, wobei ich nach dem zweiten bild wohl nicht mehr ruhig schlafen kann :D

  2. Love the art! think that girl is wearing the exact scarf I used to have, except I gave it to my sister and someone stole it off her cause it was too cool looking!

    I wish I had asked for a copy when I got my head x-rayed for getting braces, I would have loved an x-ray of my skull. I am pretty sure they cropped the picture to just show my teeth, tho!

    1. x-rays of teeth are still cool. I remember i asked for a compy last time i was at the dentist and she said no... it's my teeth!


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