Mar 2, 2012

Movies of February Review

The Artist
Wow...If you are a fan of black and white movies, old movies, silent moves...different movies... go see this. It was so good. I was expecting it to be good but I didn't think I would like it so much. This movies kind of long but I was never bored while watching it. The actors did such a great job in this too. I'd say this is a must see. A silent black and white movie made today...and it's actually really good! And I have to add this, Justin is not a big fan of older movies, especially black and white ones... so we went to see this for me, well at the end he said he had actually really liked it. Even said he wanted to see more black and white movies!
Wow. I saw the trailer for this only once, and I thought it looked pretty cool. I mean I thought it would have a lot of cheesy effects. (Well... it did maybe in like 2 or 3 parts) but this movie was so good! Have you ever wanted to fly? Or had a dream about having powers? (How exciting is that!) Then go see this, these kids live out our dreams! They make their experiences look so real, like we're flying with them through the clouds. I was so into the movie the whole way through, (even with the group infront of us talking throughout the movie) and even the ending was very well done. If you've ever seen Akira. (A great animted movie!) you'll find a few similarities, but in a good way. Definitely going to buy this movie when it comes out. Might even go see this movie again.
Edit: Oh I did see it again. :]
Jurassic Park
I know what you're thinking.. 'wait, what? Jurassic Park isn't a new movie..' Well no, it's not but I said I would keep track of and review every new movie I see in theatre. (not including the many movies we buy and the ones we watch on netflix!) It's not a new movie, but I did see it on the big screen. (So it counts, I paid to go see it!) Toronto is/was having this awesome Digital Film Fest going on for a week or so. Anyways it was so great getting to see a classic up on the big screen again. It was great having the, almost full theatre clap and cheer for it. Oh if you've never seen or heard of Jurassic Park, you need to go watch it. You'll love it. It'll make you love dinosaurs even more! And funny thing is, the dinosaurs (digital effects/animation etc.) still look good even for today.
The Woman in Black
So excited to see this and it did not disappoint! Not only was the acting good but damn that house was just creepy. If you're into horror movies def go see this one. To those of you who have seen this movie...weren't those creepy old dolls and clowns just awesome?!
Big Miracle
I love movies with animals in them. This movie was so sweet and so inspirational! You can't watch this movie and not have a good feeling inside. I walked out of the theatre smiling. Love when that happens. The best thing about this movie is that during the credits they played some of the actual reports from the real event. Wow, they did such a good job matching them up too. The whales looked so good.
Safe House
We ended up seeing this on Valentine's day, because this year it landed on cheap night so why not? And we always go see an action or horror movie on Valentine's day anyways. This movie was really good, lots of action, it never slowed down, there was never a time were I thought 'this would be the perfect time to go to the washroom'. However I ended up sitting beside this woman who had some baaad B.O and I pretty much don't remember the first big chase scene because of her. I ended up moving down a few seats after that though and enjoyed the move a lot more.
The Vow
We ended up seeing this one the day after Valentine's day. So sweet. So cute. I wasn't expecting much from this one (can we say 'fighting'?) but he was actually not bad. This movie made me laugh and I was smiling pretty much throughout the whole thing. I love good love stories. Although I wasn't a big fan of the ending, even though thats how it happened in real life.


  1. how good is Chronicle?! i've seen it twice at the cinema too! Andrew looks freaky as hell at the end xo

  2. I only went to see The Woman in Black this month, and those dollies were freaky indeed. I normally go more to the cinema but my car is broken and sometimes I'm too lazy to take 4 buses just for a movie. I'll probably rent all of these as soon as they come out in DVD though; they sound really cool.

    1. Oh they were. Good month for movies, no disappointments.

  3. we kept talking about seeing the woman in black, but i get REALLY scared in movies, so i chickened out.
    and i can't believe how good the dino effects still look from jurassic park! i love that movie so much.


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