Mar 14, 2012

Painted Deer and Bows!

It feels like I haven't posted in forever, even though my last post was less than a week ago. I just wanted to post another little update since I found some time.
New job is going well and thank you to everyone for all the nice comments about it. :] I keep forgetting to make a post about my last job. I should get on that... but anywho, over the weekend I...
...finally ended up painting my trifted deer, It was sitting on my bedroom shelf for almost a year! Now its brightening up our kitchen.
...planted some seeds. I put random tiny flowers in the deer planter, they're growing so fast. The other seeds I planted haven't even begun to show.
...found some pictures of the bows I made a few weeks ago. Remember how I said that I would open an online shop soon? (atleast some time this year) Well Im slowly working towards that. I want to not only sell my artwork but some handmade stuff too. Trying to see what sizes of bows I want to make. So far I really love the comic strip and rainbow ones.

I also ended up making another shirt using bleech. If anyone's interested I might put some pictures of that up, in a few days. Been taking Captain to some dog training classes. (he's a bad walker) And I've been working like crazy. Feels like the only time I have to myself is either super early or really late at night, like right now!

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  1. i love what you did to your deer! i have one like that, but it isn't as nearly as cute!


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