Mar 23, 2012

Ugly Americans

So I'm finally getting around to making a post about this. A few months back I ended up getting my first job in animation as an inbetweener on the show called Ugly Americans. (Yaaaay!) Very exciting for me and I had such a great experience at the studio, Solis Animation.
I will be able to post more once the episodes I worked on air, and those will air in april. So expect another post (or two) about this maybe early may.
The new episodes are actually a continuation of season 2 but some people see it at season 3. The new episodes will be are airing on comedy network after South Park. So if you're a fan of South Park (or know anyone who is...) then check out Ugly Americans because you'll probably like it. It's funny and mostly hand-drawn, which is pretty rare in animated shows today.
If you're interested you can find the first new episode (since it's already aired) here. By now though there should be a second episode out too.
Here is a shot of the studio. I'm waaay in the corner by the door and windows.
This must have been one of the last days of work and they surprised us with pizza and an ice cream cake. I like this shot because everyone's so happy and smiling. :]
The studio also held a little party after we had finished. We got some goody bags and awesome t-shirts!
Hopefully people like the show (it's really good) and it does well. And hopefully I'll be able to work on the next season. :]

P.S. Almost all the images/photos in this post are not mine. I found a lot of them on the Ugly Americans and Solis Facebook pages.


  1. This is so great! Well done you! xo

  2. Wow, congrats on getting to take part in that! I've heard of the show but never seen it. I'm a hardcore SP fan though, so I'll definitely give it a go!

    1. Great. And the episodes get better, promise :]

  3. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!! I really like this show. I was just watching it the other night with all of my friends. Wahoo. Congrats! :]

  4. wow congrats! sounds fun! the show looks good. I dont live in America so I can't help you with ratings, sorry. :)

  5. that's incredible that you got to work on that show! i've heard some great things about it, what an amazing experience!

  6. Oh wow, congratulations! I love Ugly Americans and can't wait to see the episodes you've worked on. Also, would you have any tips or suggestions to other artists about how to approach possible employers for similar positions?

  7. Oh my god, I had no idea you worked for this show! It's one of mine and my bfs fav shows!!


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