Apr 5, 2012

More Ugly Americans!

So remember when I last posted about UA. And I said I would make another post or two...we'll I'm back again. The epsiode that aired last night is the first episode that I actually worked on. I know exciting right!? Which means my name is in the end credits!
This is a little screen shot of the episode: Mark Loves Dick. Probably one of my favourite (and more funnier) episodes we worked on. If you're interested in watching the episode, you can watch it over here.
Again, If you like South Park, you'll probably like this.
And there I am. First name on the list too, which is weird because I am almost always the last name on a list. (usually going by the last name and all) You might think it's weird that I took a screen shot of my name in the credits but it's something I've always wanted to see happen.
Now that it has, I hope to find my name in many more end credits of awesome animated shows! And maybe one day a movie?! who knows...

P.S Next episode is also going to be pretty awesome. It's called The Dork Knight. Check out this fun unofficial trailer here. :]


  1. This is awesome! I'm totally going to have to start watching this show.

  2. That's so great! Your art and that show makes good sense.

  3. that is so awesome! i think it would be weird if you DIDN'T take a screen capture! i would be freaking out if it was me!


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