Apr 3, 2012

Movies of March Review

Did March fly by or what?
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
We were all so excited to see this movie! I mean 'Horton hears a who' was sooo good, I loved it. But The Lorax as a whole, not that good. Actually a big thumbs down from me. Sure this is a great family movie, especially for the kiddies but where is the story? Everything felt so rushed and the boy didn't even care about saving the trees, he was doing it all for the girl the whole time! It also felt like they sang too much, like they used it for filler. The animation was nice though...
John Carter
I didn't expect much going into this one. But boy, was it was all over the place! It started off okay, I was interested but then it just bombed! The best part for me was the big fight scene with the white apes. There were so many cheesey lines from all the actors too... Oh the little dog monster thing was cute too!
21 Jump Street
First off I want to mention Jonah Hill's photoshopped head. Or maybe they photoshopped his body? I mean he did lose a bunch of weight but his head still looks small on his body, but on the posters it just looks weird. Anyways this movie is the funniest movie I've seen, so far this year! The funnies kind of dye down near the end but still so good! I must see if you're just looking for a fun movie to watch or need a pick-me-up.
The Hunger Games
No, I did not read the book(s), I actually never heard of this book/movie until just a month or two ago. So Im just judging the movie, not the book. The movie was 'okay', people who have read the books have told me they left a lot out and most of them were disappointed. Althought now im reading other reviews looks like you either hated or loved it. I hated the camera during the first 5 (maybe 10) minutes of the movie. It was just so blurry, jittery and too quick. I couldn't focus on anything. I know its supposed to make you feel uneasy/excited but it just made me want to get up and leave. I paid to watch a movie. There were times when the movie felt very long (the first half of the movie) and other times too fast (second half of the movie). There were some parts I did like, like whenever there was slow motion. But I wasn't overall amazed. Someone told me what the second book/movie is about in one sentence and I gotta say... not going to see the next movie(s). I know a lot of people are crazy about it and loved it. (Was it just me or did it kind of feel like all of a sudden this movie was the 'it' movie to see? It felt like it came out of nowhere.) Anyways I didn't really see the big appeal of the story, I mean can you say Battle Royale?


  1. great reviews hun! I liked the hunger games but im sure the book is way better so will ahve to read them on and then judge the movie again :) x

    1. That what a lot of people are telling me. I hope I get a chance to read them too.

  2. Im pretty stoked to see Lorax! I cant wait :) And yes March flew by--so crazy!


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